"I've seen no evidence that schools' academic achievement is somehow inhibited by being placed within an accountability system. So I think conservatives undermine what is a very legitimate moral case, a moral case that I happen to agree with, when they are averse to clear controls that allow serving every child, and that allow for a statistical base of evidence as to whether or not a school is a good school or not." - FutureEd (6/28/17)

John White

Louisiana Supt. of Education

“We believe in an approach to education reform that combines increased investments, innovation, choice, and accountability, and one that reflects our philosophy that access to an excellent public education is a fundamental right for every child in this country, no matter his or her background. This budget is anathema to our core beliefs, and it confirms many of our gravest concerns about this administration’s lack of understanding for the needs of our kids, and the educational future they deserve." - DFER Statement (5/23/17)

Shavar Jeffries

President, DFER

"For charter schools to succeed, educationally and politically, we must be faithful to all of the principles upon which the charter idea was built, not some at the expense of others. Charter schools without autonomy have no ability to innovate and excel. Charter schools without accountability will simply become a parallel system of failing schools." - Education Week (3/31/17)

Greg Richmond

President & CEO, NACSA

"DeVos’s nomination should be a wake-up call to the left-leaners of the reform coalition. We’re about to be caught between Scylla and Charybdis, where pushing away from DeVos’s education policy agenda could mean getting subsumed by the traditionalist agenda of our own party. That agenda still hews to the positions of management interests and labor leaders, and not closely enough to the needs of vulnerable families." - Chalkbeat (1/19/17)

Justin C. Cohen

Education Policy Writer

"Donald Trump’s spokesperson Jason Miller has publicly floated the names of Michelle Rhee and Eva Moskowitz as potential secretaries of Education. Both Rhee and Moskowitz have carried out successful, if controversial, education reforms in large urban school districts. If Trump actually did allow them to influence his education policy, it would amount to a reversal of his stated policy. It would also, in all likelihood, devolve into a disaster for the cause of education reform." - New York Magazine (11/16/16)

Jonathan Chait

Commentator and writer

"I have yet to visit a great school where the school leaders and teachers were content to rest on their laurels. I have never heard a charter-school leader describe his or her school as a 'miracle school' or claim to have found the silver bullet for ending educational inequity. The truth is that great charter schools are restless institutions, committed to continuous improvement. They are demanding yet caring institutions. And they are filled with a sense of urgency about the challenges that remain in boosting achievement and preparing students to succeed in life." - The Atlantic (8/30/16)

Arne Duncan

9th U.S. Secretary of Education

"Hundreds of thousands of minority kids are queued for low-performing schools and every change their parents seek is too radical. White soccer moms decide they don’t like the most important device to help us fix those schools and the wheels come off. The President makes a speech about too much testing. The Democrats revise their platform to allow parents to opt out. It’s clear: When white women decide they don’t like something, left-leaning politicians listen even if it’s at the expense of kids of color whose moms vote in democratic primaries." - Eduwonk (8/22/16)

Derrell Bradford

Executive Director, NYCAN

"For me, being a progressive Democrat and a charter school supporter are not antithetical. In fact, the values that inspired me to support Obama, Sanders, and now Hillary Clinton also drive my support for charters...Regardless of whether they exist within district schools, charter schools, or schools of some yet-to-be discovered type, we need more classrooms in which students succeed." - Commonwealth (7/20/16)

Meredith Segal


"The anti-reform arguments for more education funding and less accountability just don’t add up. Their argument about poverty is self-defeating: If poverty’s the real problem, why spend more on education? And their argument that we need more funding even though teachers can only do so much feeds a false narrative that undermines the status and value of the profession." - Education Post (4/22/16)

Peter Cunningham

Executive Director, Education Post

"I’ve wondered aloud often about what kind of Manchurian groupthink happens in higher education, particularly for students of education, that produces such a marvelously uniform legion of meat puppets seemly incapable of original thought, desperately vacant of an independent vocabulary to explain life." - Citizen Stewart (1/5/16)

Chris Stewart

Education Activist

"I’m not looking for a Presidential candidate who is a quality-blind charter cheerleader. I am looking for one who focuses on what works for kids and who is willing to speak truth to power. Unfortunately, that is where Clinton’s comments were, to say the least, highly disappointing and seemed to reinforce fears about how her endorsements from both major teachers unions would affect her K-12 platform." - Ed Reform Now (11/6/15)

Charles Barone

Director of Policy, DFER

"After Tennessee made historic gains on the National Assessment of Educational Progress in 2013, I expected the union to say, 'That’s right — our teachers drove those gains. Now pay us!' Instead, bizarrely, the union claimed that the force behind the test gains was a 90-second motivational video featuring the Tennessee Titans’ backup quarterback and the state’s First Lady. I am not making this up, as incredible as it seems." - The 74 (10/12/15)

Kevin Huffman

Fmr. TN Commissioner of Education

"Duncan does not have the natural personality of a provocateur, but in his just-saying, matter-of-fact way, he blurts out a lot of provocative things. He has attributed outrage over Common Core to 'white suburban moms' who find out 'their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought.' He has described Hurricane Katrina as 'the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans.'" - Politico (9/23/15)

Michael Grunwald

Senior Staff Writer, Magazine

"When I confront fellow liberals about defending the deeply hierarchical, inequitable link between real estate prices and school enrollment, they almost always say something to the effect of, “Why can’t we just make all schools great?” (Seriously, I do this a lot.)" - The 74 (9/10/15)

Conor P. Williams

Senior researcher, New America Foundation

"With its ruling, the court has locked Washington State into a defunct, 100 year old notion of public schooling that makes it impossible for the citizens or the legislature to experiment with new, more flexible, and possibly more effective ways of educating the state’s children." - Education Gadfly (9/9/15)

Robin Lake

Director, Center on Reinventing Public Education

"It’s priceless to me that professors in some of our country’s academic institutions devote many hours—and many truncated yells on Twitter—to critiquing TFA, where we know the impact of corps members, while they have no idea what the research says about their own graduates." - NY CAN (9/1/15)

Kevin Huffman

Corps Knowledge Advisory Board

"What differentiates New Orleans schools from those in other large cities is that their future—their successes and their struggles both—is fully in the hands of the people who choose schools and who lead schools, the parents and educators who know and love each child." - Education Post (8/23/15)

John White

Louisiana State Superintendent of Education

"For New Orleans, the news on average student outcomes is quite positive by just about any measure. The reforms seem to have moved the average student up by 0.2 to 0.4 standard deviations and boosted rates of high school graduation and college entry. We are not aware of any other districts that have made such large improvements in such a short time." - Education Next (8/4/15)

Douglas Harris

Director, Education Research Alliance