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    Quick Take: ERA NOLA Researcher Reveals Her Bias Huriya Jabbar Sabotages Her Own Credibility With NEPC Attack On NOLA Reforms

    Last week, the National Education Policy Center (NEPC), a virulently anti-education reform “research organization” at the University of Colorado, released issued a press release that called into question the significant academic improvement seen in New Orleans schools since Hurricane Katrina. While it’s not necessarily newsworthy that NEPC (a beneficiary of AFT & NEA funding and […] More

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    Andrea Gabor’s Underhanded Attack on New Orleans Schools

    Recently Newsweek, the once-lauded news magazine that is now a shell of its former self, cast aside any lingering shred of respectability it still had with the publication of a highly distorted appraisal of New Orleans’ post-Katrina education system. The piece, entitled, The Great Charter Tryout: Are New Orleans’ schools a model for the nation – […] More

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    Paul Vallas’ “Nixon Goes to China” Moment? Not quite.

    Former Recovery School District superintendent, Paul Vallas, has been in the news recently for comments he made during a May 10th panel discussion, “An Agenda for Public Education: Challenges and Possibilities,” at CUNY Hunter’s Institute for Education Policy. Over the course of the discussion, Vallas, along with the College Board’s David Coleman, NY State Education […] More