All About The Kids?

The Great Class Size Crisis… That Wasn’t

Support Equitable College Access In Louisiana


“We believe in an approach to education reform that combines increased investments, innovation, choice, and accountability, and one that reflects our philosophy that access to an excellent public education is a fundamental right for every child in this country, no matter his or her background. This budget is anathema to our core beliefs, and it confirms many of our gravest concerns about this administration’s lack of understanding for the needs of our kids, and the educational future they deserve.” – DFER Statement (5/23/17)

Shavar Jeffries

President, DFER

“For charter schools to succeed, educationally and politically, we must be faithful to all of the principles upon which the charter idea was built, not some at the expense of others. Charter schools without autonomy have no ability to innovate and excel. Charter schools without accountability will simply become a parallel system of failing schools.” – Education Week (3/31/17)

Greg Richmond

President & CEO, NACSA

“DeVos’s nomination should be a wake-up call to the left-leaners of the reform coalition. We’re about to be caught between Scylla and Charybdis, where pushing away from DeVos’s education policy agenda could mean getting subsumed by the traditionalist agenda of our own party. That agenda still hews to the positions of management interests and labor leaders, and not closely enough to the needs of vulnerable families.” – Chalkbeat (1/19/17)

Justin C. Cohen

Education Policy Writer

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