Quick Take: Why Are We Still Talking About Common Core?

Evaluating Hillary on Teacher Evaluations

Is It Time For Pro-Reform Democrats to Panic?


“I’m not looking for a Presidential candidate who is a quality-blind charter cheerleader. I am looking for one who focuses on what works for kids and who is willing to speak truth to power. Unfortunately, that is where Clinton’s comments were, to say the least, highly disappointing and seemed to reinforce fears about how her endorsements from both major teachers unions would affect her K-12 platform.” – Ed Reform Now (11/6/15)

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Charles Barone

Director of Policy, DFER

“After Tennessee made historic gains on the National Assessment of Educational Progress in 2013, I expected the union to say, ‘That’s right — our teachers drove those gains. Now pay us!’ Instead, bizarrely, the union claimed that the force behind the test gains was a 90-second motivational video featuring the Tennessee Titans’ backup quarterback and the state’s First Lady. I am not making this up, as incredible as it seems.” – The 74 (10/12/15)

Kevin Huffman

Fmr. TN Commissioner of Education

“Duncan does not have the natural personality of a provocateur, but in his just-saying, matter-of-fact way, he blurts out a lot of provocative things. He has attributed outrage over Common Core to ‘white suburban moms’ who find out ‘their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought.’ He has described Hurricane Katrina as ‘the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans.'” – Politico (9/23/15)

Michael Grunwald

Senior Staff Writer, Magazine