Quick Take: Talking About Education

A Broken Record Of Lies

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“Hundreds of thousands of minority kids are queued for low-performing schools and every change their parents seek is too radical. White soccer moms decide they don’t like the most important device to help us fix those schools and the wheels come off. The President makes a speech about too much testing. The Democrats revise their platform to allow parents to opt out. It’s clear: When white women decide they don’t like something, left-leaning politicians listen even if it’s at the expense of kids of color whose moms vote in democratic primaries.” – Eduwonk (8/22/16)

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Derrell Bradford

Executive Director, NYCAN

“For me, being a progressive Democrat and a charter school supporter are not antithetical. In fact, the values that inspired me to support Obama, Sanders, and now Hillary Clinton also drive my support for charters…Regardless of whether they exist within district schools, charter schools, or schools of some yet-to-be discovered type, we need more classrooms in which students succeed.” – Commonwealth (7/20/16)

Meredith Segal


“The anti-reform arguments for more education funding and less accountability just don’t add up. Their argument about poverty is self-defeating: If poverty’s the real problem, why spend more on education? And their argument that we need more funding even though teachers can only do so much feeds a false narrative that undermines the status and value of the profession.” – Education Post (4/22/16)

Peter Cunningham

Executive Director, Education Post