Andre Perry

Education commentator Andre Perry recently took to the pages of the Hechinger Report to attack Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) for opposing a series of last-minute changes made to the K-12 education policy section of the Democratic Party platform. Not only does Perry’s rambling essay reveal a lack of understanding about how the party platform was developed, but he also falsely accuses DFER of attacking Hillary Clinton.

Click on the link to see my annotations on his recent op-ed below.

Democratic political infighting over education pulls the rug out from under black families

The U.S. Democratic political machine is in full gear this summer as special interest groups drive toward a common goal: Getting the party elected to the highest office in the land. But the political action group Democrats for Education Reform has veered off the road, blasting negotiators who altered part of the 2016 Democratic Party platform in a nod to representatives who oppose charter schools and testing.

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