Walt Gardner

Walt Gardner taught in Los Angeles Unified School District for 28 years and was a lecturer at UCLA Graduate School of Education. Given this description perhaps it’s not surprising that he takes a decidedly anti-reform perspective on the blog – Walt Gardner’s Reality Check – he writes for Education Week.

Below is a Genius-annotated version of one his blog posts: “Are New Orleans Charter Schools a Model?”

Click the link to see the critique.

Genius-annotated version of “Are New Orleans Charter Schools a Model?”

New Orleans is not an all-charter school system, as many believe, but it still remains the focus of intense scrutiny because of claims made about the progress of schools since Katrina devastated the city. Trying to get to the truth about what has actually transpired, however, is tricky (” The Myth of the New Orleans School Makeover,” The New York Times, Aug.

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