Jeffrey Anderson

Jeffrey Anderson covers local D.C. Politics and government for the District’s weekly alternative rag, the Washington City Paper.

Anderson recently published a slanted attack on Democrats For Education Reform (DFER) over the organization’s efforts to convince D.C.’s school board to adopt a strong accountability plan in line with the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act.

In the course of the article, he maligns DFER and its D.C. director and turns to – not one, but two -individuals with deep ties to AFT and NEA for their opinions on the plan supported by DFER. Amazingly, he never discloses their teachers union connections, instead portraying them as informed citizens.

I’ve picked apart these issues and others in my annotated version of his article, which can be read by clicking the link below.

Genius-annotated version of “An Education PAC Is Phone-Banking D.C. Residents to Promote Controversial Policy”

Darrow Montgomery In a one-party city with a civic focus on education, an advocacy group like Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) sounds as wholesome as Mom and apple pie. Everyone in D.C. is a Democrat, right? Who isn’t in favor of education reform?

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