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It’s almost comical how people outside of New Orleans – including the folks who pay him to write his weekly column in the Hechinger Report – can take Andre Perry seriously, when so many people here in the Big Easy don’t.

Why? Because the things he says and writes are all provocation and no substance. They’re frequently shot-through with factual errors. They are mind-numbingly repetitive. And, to top it all off, they frequently don’t make any sense (although his editors seem to give him a pass when it comes to logical coherence).

Hit the link below to see these problems in action in his latest piece in the Hechinger Report:


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  1. Would it not have been more professional to actually point out the alleged errors in Mr. Perry’s report? I doubt anyone should take your criticism seriously when you haven’t stated anything that supports your contradictory stance to Mr. Perry’s article. Without, it’s nothing more than propaganda. IJS

    • Maybe you should actually click the link at the bottom of the page and you’ll see all of the errors that I actually pointed out. They’re highlighted in yellow with comments. BTW, If you quickly read something and miss the whole point, you’ll end up making nothing more than a stupid comment! ;^)

      • You must be referencing your own comment as stupid because pointing out “errors” without data to support why it’s in error is nothing more than rhetoric. Thanks for playing though. 🙂

        • Click on the highlights – the explainers (with data, links, graphs, etc.) will pop out from the side (so long as you don’t have an ad blocker on your browser). Then come back and tell me how stupid I am, ok?

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