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Dannie Garrett
Dannie Garrett

I note that your article omitted, in regard to the roll-out of Common Core that the State established in its ESEA Wavier that it executed with the USDOE that there would be a “new state-developed curriculum aligned with CCSS, meaning that no districts will have to undertake this work themselves.” However, in the late summer/early fall of 2012, when districts were anticipating the release of the “new state-developed curriculum aligned with CCSS” Supt. White announced that the State would not be developing a “curriculum aligned with CCSS” but rather would let school districts develop that curriculum, with some assistance offered by the LDOE. Of note, the commitment to “a new state-developed curriculum aligned to CCSS” was retained in the ESEA Waiver approved in April of 2013, after the Superintendent’s announcement in 2012.